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Astor Birri


Astor Birri founded For; to (do) Inc. on July 02th, 2017, and later, Fortodo LLC on November 15th, 2019. And as the Founder / Chairman / CEO and Director of Operations - he is responsible for setting the overall direction of the company - present and future.
Astor currently sits on the Board of @For; to (do) and related companies: For; to (do), Browseon, Bag of goodies, Finders Worldwide, and For; to (do) Centers.
The @Birri Family's Official Coat of Arms
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June 20, 2020
From where I took inspiration for my name - "From Astor to Philip's Right Eye"
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June 20, 2020
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June 20, 2020
The first member of the Birri Family since 20th Oct. 2006, the day Anthony Gray was legally renamed Astor Birri.
Name Change Court Order


At For; to (do), we are here to help you, and yours get through "this thing called life."

"Social" lets you
Connect, Communicate, and Share

"It's between You, and Yours"

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Began July 05, 2021
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"2020 - 2022" (DevelAdmin)
1) Ramp-up of Services
2) Come out of Sealth
From Search to Done

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Sunset over the Pacific Ocean, near Wilshire Blvd. Astor Birri
Fog rolling down hillside near 280 fwy and 92 fwy, via City of San Mateo, CA. Astor Birri
Mountain near 280 fwy and 92 fwy, via City of San Mateo, CA. Astor Birri
Rainbow via City of Oxnard, Near 101 fwy and Whole Foods Market. Astor Birri
Bird of Paradise - Outside of WFM - Santa Clara. Astor Birri
Pacific Ocean. July 16, 2019. Astor Birri
Crystal Springs Reservoir - Santa Cruz Mountains of San Mateo County. Astor Birri
"New Horizons Encountering 2014 MU69 (Artist's Impression)". Nasa
Starfield. Nasa
[A] Wall : Inside of Apple Store - Downtown Palo Alto. Astor Birri
Ocean Wave. Astor Birri
Live: Rain
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